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Especially in the field of electronics and consumer electronics, the product range is large and numerous brand manufacturers offer first-class technology. As an electronics wholesaler, we have an assortment that offers everything you need in terms of electronics, whether you are a retailer or a larger company. Wall Universe GmbH is your reliable partner in the field of electronics wholesale!

Our offer in the field of electronics

As in all other areas that we cover with our wholesale, we also have a wide range of products in the field of electronics or consumer electronics.

We also carry electronics components for smart home devices, tablet PCs, action cams and TVs. If you can't find something right away, we can provide you with our stock list. We can also put together an individual stock for you if requested.

Tablet-PC & Laptops

Tablet PCs & Laptops from Samsung, Apple or other leading manufacturers in this field.

Monitors & PC Equipment

High-quality monitors & PC equipment for daily office use - here we are strongly positioned.

Game consoles

Even in times of game consoles like the PlayStation 5 that are difficult to deliver, we are often able to deliver.


We offer you a wide range of televisions from many leading brands. 

Action Cams

We have action cams from manufacturers like "GoPro" or other brands in stock very often.

Smart Watches

One of the most popular gadgets today. Whether Apple or Samsung - we have the right one for you.

Availability of goods is our claim

Nothing is worse for customers than endless waiting for ordered products. This is not the case with us. Through our extensive international network, we ensure that our inventory allows us to deliver promptly, regardless of the quantity of a product ordered.

Maintaining supply chains and planning ahead for new orders is no problem for us. Even in difficult times, when supply chains are under pressure due to the Corona restrictions, for example, we demand more from ourselves than just "satisfying" you as our customers.

In exchange with business partners, brand manufacturers and logistics companies, we ensure that all electronic products from our inventory list are always available in sufficient quantities.

Benefit from our services

Customers remain loyal to a good company - and we would like to be such a company. For this reason, we are organized in such a way that we offer you everything you need:

  • Wide range of electronics and consumer electronics
  • Comprehensive advice
  • Quick processing of every inquiry
  • Prompt delivery of ordered products
  • Excellent product quality (brand manufacturers)
  • Friendly customer service
  • Attractive conditions and daily offers
  • Free newsletter with current offers and product highlights

In addition to product availability, our customer service is an important concern for us. Our team will be happy to assist you during business hours if you have any questions about a product, our payment and delivery terms, or the waiting time for delivery. In addition, we will be happy to help you if you need assistance with your order. Our customer service is always there for you!

Environmental protection through energy-saving products

More and more of our customers want to do something for the climate and the environment while shopping. One of the ways we meet this desire is by allowing you to buy energy-efficient electronic products from Wall Universe GmbH.
In addition, we are interested in reducing the CO2 emissions we cause by planning and carrying out our own activities carefully. Because we are aware that completely avoiding emissions is difficult in our industry, we try to make up for this in other places.

Are you looking for a strong wholesale partner at your side?

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