Our services

As an excellently networked company in the field of distribution and wholesale, we understand how to offer our customers the right goods at the right time. Whether during the COVID19 pandemic or even in times of supply difficulties in the consumer electronics and IT wholesale sector. Every day, our experienced experts ensure high deliverability and individually tailored packages for you with maximum added value.

You can also purchase special products and special prices for marketing and loyalty programmes from us on request.

Network Technology

At Wall Universe, we rely on advanced network technology to optimise your digital infrastructure. With our solutions, you can ensure secure and efficient data transmission, which is the backbone of your business. We offer everything from high-end routers and servers to intelligent switches and security systems.


We are your reliable partner in the world of telecommunications. We deliver modern communication systems tailored to the specific needs of your business. Our products range from VoIP solutions to unified communications to make your communication seamless and productive.

IT Hardware

Our extensive range of IT hardware covers all your needs. From servers to storage systems to peripherals, we have exactly what you need to expand and enhance your IT infrastructure.

Modern Workplace

We help businesses make the transition to a modern workplace with our Modern Workplace solutions. Our solutions range from cloud services to project management software to create a flexible, efficient and collaborative work environment.

Medical protective equipment
& Hygiene articles

We are your reliable wholesaler and distributor for medical protective equipment and hygiene products. Our product range includes everything from respirators, tests and gloves to disinfectants and many other disposable products specifically designed to meet the highest safety standards in medical and hygienic environments.

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