Telecommunications solutions for businesses

Telecommunications solutions play a crucial role in improving communication processes. As a leading IT distributor in Germany, we have the task of making these solutions accessible to businesses.

Telecommunications solutions: An overview

Telecommunications solutions refer to the technologies and services used to support communications in a business. In today's business world, they are critical as they improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communication.

These communication solutions exist and we can offer them to you

Telephone systems

Telephone systems play a central role in business communication. Their unique advantages, including cost and efficiency, make them a valuable addition to any business.


Smartphones have revolutionised the way we communicate. Always be reachable and do business on the go. You need large masses of smartphones - no problem with Wall Universe.

Voice Over IP

With Voice Over IP, telephone calls can be made in a relaxed manner via the Internet. Cost savings and flexibility are the most important features here.

Telecommunications solutions at Wall Universe

In summary, telecommunication solutions are of great importance to businesses. At Wall Universe, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with access to these solutions to improve communication, cost efficiency and customer service in your business as well. Request our inventory list now!

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